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I’m looking for High Level Thinking Creatives!

Fantastic Media Group is in the business of creativity. We work with some of the most driven entrepreneurs in the world. We use various modes to promote and advertise on behalf of our clients, including radio, T.V. and billboards.

We are making inspirational film and television content for every platform in the world. As an independent studio, our future is boundless.

Fantastic Media Group, a creative independent entertainment company built on a foundation of entrepreneurship. Along with our associated companies, we make movies, television, music and games that engage billions of people, connecting creators and audiences around the globe.

Production Operations is a full-service organization with expertise in all facets of studio and field production. Staffed to support small to large -scale studio based and field-based broadcast events. Production Operations services are available to both internal and external clients.

Required Experience:

1-3 years media industry, production experience

Knowledge of industry trends and ability to articulate trends and impact.

Effective time management skills – Set priorities, meet deadlines, communicate schedule.

Leadership skills

Skills and Competencies:

Excellent organizational, communication, problem solving and decision-making skills.

Written and Verbal communication skills.

Computer skills, including word processing, spreadsheets.

Interpersonal skills with Vendors, partners and other departments

Ability to comprehend and communicate engineering and technical challenges.

Ability to analyze date and synthesize it for themes and reports.

Attention to detail.

Ability to work independently.

Specific Responsibilities:

Create system for tracking on air issues for improvement in content production.

Work with creative director to improve content look, efficiency and implementation on air.

Work with engineering to ensure proper functioning of systems, IT, transmission and facilities.

Work with content partners to make sure transmission, and file delivery meets their needs.

On board new distribution partners and channels of distribution

Support advertising and promotion of clients with distribution partners

Work with remote production coordinator, to ensure functional transmission.

Please Contact 609.795.6317 or 323.245.4930 or email us at


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