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Send Your Entries For This Essay Contest From Fantastic Media Group & Win a $10,000 Voucher!


Fantastic Media Group Short Script Competition provides an opportunity for writers to get their projects financed and produced. Our executives collaborate with the finalists from development to production, supporting their efforts on both their selected (essay) script as well as future material. 

Winners are awarded:

Extensive development from
Fantastic Media Group's executive team, including feature script development (if applicable) Industry circulation to specific management and producing partners. Additional long-term development of other film and TV scripts Financing consideration for future short scripts.

And, What Are The Rules?

Like any contest, there are certain things to remember while writing the essay.

Read on to find out.

All the entries must be in English.
You can write your essay topic about any member of your family.  The intent of this contest is to reinforce the benefits of family values and to celebrate the importance of family in our lives.  All essays must be between 1000-1500 words.  The contest will Opening date: TBD
Winners will be announcement date: TBD

Please do read the complete Terms & Conditions here before you submit your essay.

Essay Writing Contest Announcement_Fantastic Media Group (1).png

Let's Get Started

Thanks for submitting!
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